Courses + Training

Courses + Training

RDH provides customized training, educational courses, workshops, and presentations.

Our customized training material is developed based on our in-depth understanding of buildings, ongoing research, and our active involvement with current industry issues and is delivered in an engaging format to best meet the audience’s needs or interests.

Our staff members are seasoned presenters and are considered experts in their field and are regularly asked to speak at industry events. Examples of some recent courses and training topics delivered by RDH  include:

  • New Canadian and US energy codes
  • ASHRAE 90.1
  • Thermal modeling with THERM and HEAT 3
  • High R-value walls and roofs
  • Window standards including NAFS

Because of our leadership in the building science field, we have been called upon by various educational institutions to develop and instruct various courses to students from the hands-on trades to academic graduate programs in building science.

We are also proud of our internal biweekly RDH University program where our technical staffers present on various building science topics including ongoing research projects and project case studies. This venue also allows us to refine presentation material for clients.

“I very much appreciate how you get to the meat of the subject and stay there, rather than filling slides up with stuff we already know. Great information. All too often I see presentations that spend way too much time telling us why we should be interested, and by the time anything substantial is offered, I’m asleep.”

Michael D. Magee Bergsund DeLaney Architecture and Planning, Eugene, OR