Research + Forensics
Guideline Documents

We use our experience and research knowledge to develop practical guideline documents.

As a leader in the industry, RDH has developed many industry guidelines and other publications that are widely recognized and used by the industry for the design and construction of buildings. This includes guides on wood frame building enclosures, high-rise buildings, window technology and installation, energy efficiency of buildings, cross-laminated timber buildings, tall wood buildings, building ventilation and HRVs, air sealing and insulation retrofits, and building enclosure rehabilitation and renewal work.

Our guideline development work begins with the knowledge that we collectively gain by building, investigating, fixing, and researching literally thousands of buildings every year. These documents incorporate this knowledge of how buildings work and behave with our expertise in building science and ongoing applied building research to provide the entire industry with an improved understanding of building enclosure behaviour, as well as protocols for effective design and construction practices.

RDH was the primary author of the following popular documents: