Product Development + Testing

We assist building product manufacturers and industry organizations with product research, development, testing, and performance monitoring.

Product R&D

We have the depth of expertise to address all aspects of the building enclosure in detail. This means understanding of the behaviour of assemblies, components, and materials as well as the construction and design issues that will impact performance. We are known for our practical construction advice, advanced building science knowledge, and specialized analysis capabilities for building materials and assemblies.

We have in-house laboratory testing facilities, a climate chamber, various building monitoring sites, and a full-scale test wall facility. Recent uses for the test wall facility include testing of window installation procedures, ICF wall systems and details, and various log wall assemblies and details.

Building Monitoring + Diagnostic Testing

Building performance monitoring consists of installing sensors and equipment to measure various indicators such as temperature, relative humidity, air quality levels, moisture levels, pressure differences, energy consumption, air flows, etc., over a period of time. These measured performance indicators allow us to better understand and solve problems within buildings, research new building products, and help make buildings perform better. We often use monitoring to diagnose problems such as intermittent leaks, condensation, moisture damage, structural movement, air quality problems, energy use, etc., and to confirm acceptable long-term performance of new building enclosure assemblies and details.

In conjunction with building monitoring, we regularly perform testing of buildings to measure:

  • Airtightness and air leakage using specialized fan-door equipment, theatrical smoke, and infrared imaging.
  • Water penetration using calibrated spray racks and apparatuses.
  • Indoor environmental conditions using various sensors.

Although testing agencies can conduct testing, we find that our knowledge of the building enclosure systems and details allows us to better use the testing to determine the source of failures and provide quick feedback and resolution to effectively address any problems. In addition, as trial repairs are undertaken, the availability of our own test apparatuses allows us to quickly verify the effectiveness of the repairs.

See how we monitored The Belmont in this article after completing a deep energy retrofit to measure its effects.