Sustainability – Practicing What We Preach

At RDH, we’re dedicated to demonstrating environmental responsibility as part of our corporate commitment to act with integrity. As leaders in sustainable building design, we understand the need to reduce the environmental impacts of not only the buildings we work on but also of our own offices across North America.

In the past five years, RDH has made great strides toward reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as well as holding ourselves accountable by measuring the progress we’ve made. We’re driven to keep getting better and look for ways to further reduce our footprint, both in our operations and in our projects.

How We’re Doing

Our commitment to creating a sustainable earth means that we are continually searching for new ways to commute smarter, save paper, reduce travel, and purchase energy-smart products. We believe in tracking our progress to ensure that we’re making real, measurable results. We began working with Climate Smart in 2010 to measure our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) impact and to look for ways to operate sustainably. Since then, we’ve reduced our emissions by 34% per employee. Here’s what our greenhouse gas emissions looked like at the end of 2013:

RDH Green House Gas Emissions

What We’re Doing

The RDH Green Team was formed to identify and implement strategies to reduce the impacts of our day-to-day operations.

Here are some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken:

Green Office Practices

  • We completed a major building enclosure renewals project at our largest office in Vancouver, including insulating walls, installing new high-performance windows, and reducing air leakage.
  • We’ve replaced lights with more efficient bulbs.
  • We continue to make strategic purchasing decisions for certified energy star equipment, such as printers and monitors.
  • We manage waste through composting and recycling programs.
  • We continue to give preference to local suppliers who are environmentally responsible through our sustainable purchasing policy. For example, at the seminars and workshops we host, we choose caterers who provide only reusable or compostable/recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

RDH Reducing Travel

Green Transportation

  • We reimburse a portion of the cost of transit passes for those commuting to and from the office.
  • We provide bicycle storage and showers in all offices.
  • We encourage employees to use “green” transportation through campaigns such as the RDH Commuter Challenge.
  • We’ve installed videoconferencing systems in every office, helping us reduce the need for travel between offices.

Going Paperless

  • We encourage electronic document storage, sharing, and review, both internally and with our external clients and team members. We use cloud storage and FTP servers to facilitate this and reduce the need for printing documents.
  • We’ve set printers to automatically print double-sided.

RDH Reducing Paper

Looking to improve your building’s sustainability?

We are also committed to helping you improve your sustainable practices through each and every one of our practice areas. For existing buildings, we assess and improve building enclosures to make them more efficient and develop energy conservation strategies. When working on new construction projects, our experts incorporate the latest technologies to improve building energy efficiency and durability. The RDH research team has authored numerous best practice guides and papers on sustainable design practices and construction.

Ask us how we can help you make your building more sustainable! Contact us today.