Assessments + Investigations

To make responsible decisions regarding your building, you need to know what its current condition is and understand the cause of any performance problems. RDH will help you gather the right information and guide you in your decision-making process.

Problem Investigation

Performance problems can vary widely in scope and severity. For example, they can include:

  • Thermal comfort issues (drafts, overheating)
  • Condensation on walls and windows
  • The presence of mold
  • Water entering the interior spaces of a building
  • Leaky windows or roofs
  • Premature deterioration of components of the building

To cost-effectively address these types of problems, it’s important to understand the root cause of problems, not just the symptoms. RDH’s advanced building science expertise is the key to focused investigations and being able to help you undertake the right repairs.

We use a variety of investigative tools including water penetration test equipment, infrared thermography, moisture meters, and dew point testers.

“RDH was instrumental in assisting our team to resolve a unique structural situation at Vista del Monte’s Aquatic Center. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge gave me a great sense of confidence in the evaluation of the problems and their oversight of an effective reconstruction plan. I would highly recommend RDH to any prospective client needing assistance in the area of Special Use Buildings.”

Laurie Yttri Executive Director, Vista del Monte Retirement Community, Santa Barbara, CA

Condition Assessment

We examine all aspects of a building or a building system to determine its existing condition and prognosis for future performance. This snapshot of conditions is a baseline that helps us provide you with advice regarding maintenance activities, repair and renewal recommendations, or the development of a large rehabilitation program. This broad understanding of the current condition and performance means that activities can be planned in the proper sequence, activities can be bundled to be cost-effective, alternate approaches can be identified where appropriate, and opportunities for energy efficiency can be examined with the big picture in mind.

The condition assessment process typically consists of:

  • Reviewing available drawings, reports, or other documentation.
  • Visually examining building components.
  • Surveying owners and occupants to identify problematic conditions.
  • Conducting a moisture probe survey.
  • Creating exploratory openings.
  • Using nondestructive testing such as water penetration testing.

At the conclusion of the assessment work, our observations regarding the current condition as well as our recommendations are presented to you and documented in a report that summarizes the information in an easy-to-understand manner, including supportive sketches and photographs.

Warranty Review

Our goal in undertaking warranty reviews is to help you resolve issues with the warranty provider in an equitable manner. The escalation of a dispute is in nobody’s best interest and can result in additional costs from simply managing conflict. Warranty reviews are also one of the signals that the responsibility for the long-term in-service performance of the building is being transferred fully to you as owners. RDH is ready to help you assume and plan for this stewardship role at your building.

The visual review of the building and examination of the construction documents undertaken during a warranty review is a great starting point for us in getting to know your building and its unique character. The warranty review leads quite naturally to the development of a depreciation report/reserve study and maintenance plans.

Our experts can investigate your building’s problems. Contact us today.