Construction Project Management

No two buildings are identical, no two building enclosure projects are the same, and no single implementation approach works for all rehabilitation projects. At RDH, we recognize the differences.


Before work starts on-site, the rehabilitation project needs to be thoroughly thought-through, designed, budgeted, and made ready. Effective pre-construction planning is essential for any successful project and our construction project management services allow us to see your project from the beginning to the end of the construction stage.

Clients need concise information, the opportunity to make informed decisions, accurate estimates, and a realistic understanding of what needs to be done.

At RDH, we’ve been helping clients find ways to deal with a range of challenging construction implementation issues. We help make sure building enclosure issues are resolved with practical, durable, cost-effective solutions.

“It has been a pleasure and a great learning experience for me as Committee Member to work with such an outstanding group of professionals from RDH. I have learned so much about how a water intrusion project should be done and done right. We all appreciate how hard Tony has worked to keep the residents happy and at the same time, focus on the big picture and prioritize items that needed to be done correctly within a very tight schedule due to weather conditions and permit issues.”

Nancy Hidano Gregory Condominiums,  Seattle, WA

Contract Administration

Every construction project needs to be controlled, and the best control comes from appropriate administration of the construction contract. RDH uses industry-recognized processes and procedures to keep things on-track.

We tender (bid) the work to qualified contractors, review the work on-site, certify payments, dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and provide ongoing advice and support to our clients. In other words, we do all the things a professional consultant should do to properly administer a construction contract.

Project Management

When clients want an added layer of proactive support, RDH can provide Project Management services. As project managers, RDH actively manages the construction process from initial design to project completion.

In addition to typical administrative functions, RDH can arrange permits, deal with hazardous materials, liaise with WorkSafe BC or OSHA , and proactively work to keep contractors on-schedule and on-budget. As project managers, RDH provides clients with regular cost reporting, cost forecasts, scheduling updates, and an elevated level of client support.

“Acting efficiently, RDH managed to save most of the project contingency as well as save some on their services, which made it possible to reimburse approximately 10% of the project special assessment back to the owners … we would like to thank RDH for achieving an excellent job.”

Aleksey Chugay Senior Property Manager, Kyle Properties Ltd.,  Vancouver, BC

Construction Management

On projects that are large, complex, and challenging—or simply require innovative solutions—RDH is often retained to act as construction manager. In addition to conventional administrative duties, as construction managers RDH takes firm control of all construction-related activities and provides a full-time site superintendent to actively manage the work.

This elevated level of service provides control and oversight that just isn’t possible with other approaches. Many of the largest, most high-profile building enclosure rehabilitations in the Pacific Northwest and the Lower Mainland have been managed by RDH’s construction managers. RDH has built a reputation for safely delivering innovative, cost-effective, durable solutions.

“The very professional job of your on-site supervisors and their quick response at the first sign of difficulty helped ensure our projects were completed early and a little under budget. … I doubt there is anyone living in the complex that doesn’t appreciate the enormous contribution you have made.”

Donald G. Grovestine President, Royal Quays Strata Council, Victoria


Of fundamental concern to all clients is “What is this going to cost?” Our clients require well-founded cost estimates to make informed decisions. Since its inception, RDH has directly or indirectly managed the repair, renewal, or rehabilitation of more than 1000 buildings. Each of these buildings is different, and each one contributes to our collective experience and knowledge base.

As we complete projects, we collect related costing data; and as we plan new projects, we can refer to this in-house costing data to track trends and analyze recent bid results. This allows us to more accurately estimate the probable cost of pending work.

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