Roofs, Decks, + Balconies

RDH is a leader in the roofing consulting field. Some staff members have a master’s degree focused on roofing technology, while others have constructed a broad range of roof types with their own hands. It is this understanding of science and material behavior combined with practical hands-on experience that sets us apart.

Leak Investigation

Resolving roof leaks can be difficult because water will run long distances before becoming visible on the building interior. Along the way, that water can lead to damaged interior finishes, insulation, and other materials. Water flood testing, infrared thermography, and tracer dye are all tools we use to track down leaks. When combined with some exploratory work, these tools help us establish the current condition of the roof and determine a prognosis for future performance. We can then help you make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Our experience with roofing—together with our understanding of the complexities of heat, air, and moisture flow—led to our landmark research project concerning failures of asphaltic urethane membranes. The results of this research are leading to changes in national standards as well as changes in manufacturer membrane formulations and application requirements.


It’s not always easy to decide whether to repair or replace a roof. A full understanding of the source of leaks and the amount of damage that has already occurred is key to making the right choice. However, the decision must also consider your tolerance for risk. Can the occupants bear another leak? What extent and severity of damage will occur if a leak reappears or if a new leak develops in a different location? Can the current leak be reliably repaired? We help you answer these questions and make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

“We are former members of the Strata Council and were in frequent contact with the RDH staff during the process [of building remediation]. They took us step by step from beginning to end with understanding and patience. … We have highly recommended your Victoria office to others.”

Isobel Manning, Bev Harper, Pat MacLeod Former Council Members, The Tiffany, Victoria

Replacement Planning

Once the need for replacement has been established, there are still many decisions to make regarding the specifics of a replacement program. Are there opportunities to improve energy performance that should be assessed? What type of roofing assembly and membrane should be used? Are there other projects that should be integrated into the roofing project or at least accommodated in the future through appropriate detailing now? We can help you navigate through these questions and develop a cost-effective roof replacement program.

See how we’ve improved the roofs, decks, and balconies of our projects at the Collins Lake Resort and the Crystallis. We’ve also done a Study of Conventional Roof Performance.