Airtightness Testing

Airtightness testing is a crucial step in ensuring optimal building performance.

About Airtightness Testing

Measuring and identifying air leakage in buildings is something that RDH staff members have been doing since our firm was founded and before “commissioning” was an industry term of art. Our staff members are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry as it relates to air barrier design and testing, including performing dozens of whole-building air leakage tests.

We are active on the Air Barrier Association of America committee on air leakage testing, and our staff provided input on the Army Corps of Engineers Whole-Building Air Leakage Testing Protocol. We are often consulted by code officials and those who write air leakage testing standards for input. We were part of the team that developed the pressure-neutralized approach for incrementally testing portions of buildings. RDH is more than just another testing agency–our staff members have performed cutting-edge research on air leakage and understand how buildings and the air barrier are put together. This is what sets us apart.

We specialize in:

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