Claims Support

Claims Support

RDH is committed to working with claims adjusters from all corners of the industry to ensure that the technical support required to adjust the claim is available in a timely and efficient manner.

Warranty Claims Support

Latent defect, labour and material, water ingress, and structural defect are some of the construction warranties available in the industry. All warranties result in claims. The initial identification of potential claims, documentation of existing and deteriorated performance, field testing, second opinion review, causation reporting, mediation, litigation support, and construction management or claim resolution measures, represent the range of services that RDH offers as part of the firm’s comprehensive warranty claim support services.

It doesn’t matter if RDH has been retained by an owner, developer, supplier or a representative of the insurance industry: our goal is to define the problem and provide reasonable, cost-effective, and timely solutions.

Property Insurance Claims Support

Almost every significant property is protected by a comprehensive insurance policy. The building enclosure comprises well over half the replacement value of most structures, and contents rely on the building enclosure for protection against the elements. It is easy to see why enclosure consultants are of value to a property claims adjuster.

Insured perils and exclusions may seem straightforward at first, but often expert and technical review is needed to address specific issues critical to the final determination of coverage. Even after coverage is established, RDH can address extent of damage and the methods and limits of repair or assist in subrogation and cost recovery efforts.

Working closely with claims adjusters and specialist restoration contractors RDH has supported the resolution of property claims ranging from small residential matters to multimillion dollar loses.

Surety Claims Support

When contractors face solvency problems, performance bonds are often the first course of action to achieve project completion. Even when projects are completed, there can be problems whose various parties will look to performance bonds as a means of resolution.

Claims adjusters and loss control specialists rely on RDH’s project and construction management expertise as well as our technical knowledge to address a wide range of  surety claims.

RDH has the ability to step into the existing construction and project management contracts to assess completion costs and complete projects. We also offer the technical expertise to resolve claims related to faulty materials, improper installations, faulty construction, or design defects.