RDH’s energy services support all levels of government, energy utilities, building developers, owners and managers, and product manufacturers to assess programs and strategies for energy efficiency.

RDH is Different

RDH’s team is uniquely qualified to assess building enclosure and mechanical systems at a distinctly advanced level.  We work on policy and program development as well as on the assessment of particular products and construction issues that can impact energy efficiency. This depth and breadth of our understanding and involvement in energy efficiency sets us apart.

Policy Consulting

RDH provides practical advice to all levels of government on implementing market and regulatory measures to address emerging policy priorities. We understand the regulatory and economic environment as well as the practical realities of selecting building products, systems and constructing a building. Our advice is always well grounded. Our many guidelines and bulletins on energy topics effectively communicate and transform policy into actions that the industry can effectively respond to.

Read and download our Guideline Documents.

Demand-Side Measures (DSM) Advisory Services

RDH works with all stages in the life-cycle of a building  and can provide advice to energy utilities, energy efficiency agencies, public utility commissions and non-profit organizations on optimizing energy efficiency resource acquisition and lowering consumer bills.  Demand-side measures (DSM) include education and incentive programs, conservation rates, leadership measures and regulated codes and standards.


RDH conducts a wide variety of energy research projects on behalf of utilities, governments, industry associations and product manufacturers.  Research is conducted on whole-building energy performance, including multiple fuels, building enclosures and other systems, construction materials and individual energy-using products and systems.  These research projects provide the entire industry with an improved understanding of building enclosure and energy system behavior, as well as protocols for effective design and construction practices.

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