Forensic Investigation + Litigation Support

Forensic Investigation

We are regularly called upon to assess why assemblies and components of the building enclosure fail.

Forensic Investigation

Whether the failure is condensation in walls or on windows, premature fogging of insulating glass units, the leakage of window or curtain wall assemblies, or the failure of an assembly as a roofing membrane or cladding material, RDH has the experience and knowledge to find the root of the problem. We use a variety of investigative techniques.

Our ability to communicate complex technical issues is one of our greatest strengths.   This ability to communicate stems from a comprehensive understanding of the technical issues – real world design and construction experience, building science expertise, and a scientific approach to our forensic work.  We understand issues at a distinctly advanced level – a result of our specialized building science training and degrees held by many of our staff – and this allows us to be creative with solutions.

Figuring out the problem is certainly important, but it’s only the first step.  Our ability to articulate a fundamental understanding of what went wrong and what to do about it through clear reports, excellent support graphics, and presentations is the key to helping you understand the issues and what should be done to address performance problems – this is what sets us apart.