Hiroki Ota | M.S., PE

Associate, Senior Project Engineer

As a Senior Project Engineer, Hiroki works primarily as an on-site technical lead who performs a variety of tasks for both new and existing buildings. He is often responsible for managing field review and in-situ field testing on new construction projects and managing field investigations and assessments of existing buildings.

On rehabilitation and new construction projects, Hiroki typically conducts field review of the building enclosure and ensures that construction is undertaken in conformance with the contract documents. He also carries out building enclosure condition assessments, which involves field investigation, testing building enclosure components and assemblies, and documenting field findings.

Hiroki’s particular building science interests include construction and emerging technologies, curtain wall design, and forensic investigation techniques. Some of his notable projects include the new Seattle Children’s Research Institute: Building Cure and the Seattle Federal Reserve Bank, and the rehabilitation of 2200 Westlake.