New Hope for Window and Door Manufacturers

Patrick Flannery of Fenestration Review magazine sat down with Al Jaugelis in December to discuss the new Canadian Voluntary NAFS labeling Guidelines for Products with Mullions. The discussion focused on one of the reasons why many manufacturers find it difficult to comply with NAFS—the seemingly endless need for testing. Al talks about the new Canadian NAFS guidelines for products with mullions and the AAMA 450 standard that can reduce the amount of testing needed to qualify many product lines.

Large and complex windows assembled from individual units, as in the image above, can be qualified using methods many manufacturers have not been aware of.

NAFS Doors and Windows

Assembling individual units into a Combination Assembly Window. Photo courtesy of Maritime Door and Window.

“… it [the AAMA 450 standard] does require you to test your mullion joint for air and water but you can use engineering to qualify different mullion options with different reinforcing options that don’t all have to be retested. It’s a great tool that helps manufacturers reduce the amount testing, allowing them to get NAFS ratings on as many products as possible,” Al explained.

“The new document is actually going to provide tools that manufacturers currently don’t have in their arsenal for getting NAFS ratings for their products.”

Learn more in the video below. If this is the first you’ve heard of this topic, have a look at Al’s original post on Mullions for the important details.

Written by:

Al Jaugelis