Commit to Excellence

We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and set new standards of the highest quality. Every day, we focus on delivering excellence in all the small things, and this translates to excellence in the big things. Our commitment includes excellence not only in our technical proficiency but in our business decisions and operational management.

Act with Integrity

We deliver on the promises we make to our clients and our team. We conduct our business according to the best industry practices and with consideration for all parties involved. Internally, we promote fairness, respect, safety, work–life balance, wellness, and diversity. We carefully consider the impact that our work on buildings has within the community and strive to promote sustainability, environmental preservation, and social responsibility whenever possible.

Work as a Team

We recognize that we are part of both internal and external teams, and we commit to our roles on these teams. To us, working as a team means being prepared and participating positively. It also means being flexible and respectful of other team members and their roles as well as recognizing when others need help in attaining their goals.

Do What it Takes

When time is tight or a difficult issue needs to be addressed, our clients can count on our support for whatever is needed. Our team cares and wants to contribute. Team members are loyal to our clients and projects. We don’t give up. Instead, we find innovative solutions to problems and overcome obstacles, without compromising our integrity.

Always Learn

RDH leads the discipline of building science. As leaders, we need to be curious and constantly researching and learning. Therefore, education and skill development on a continuing basis is central to who we are as an organization. We are committed to sharing knowledge, delivering seminars, and developing educational materials for distribution.

RDH Building Science