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Forensic Investigation
Failure Analysis & Testing
Litigation Support – Expert Witness Testimony
Standard-of-Care Evaluation
Scope-of-Work Conflict Resolution

RDH experts are dedicated to helping clients reach timely resolution of accidents, claims, and legal disputes. Our diverse team of building scientists, researchers, engineers, scientists, architects, and technologists meticulously investigate and evaluate available evidence and apply building science principles, specialized technical knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology (including drone forensics) to arrive at evidence-based opinions and options for our clients.

Inquisitive and diligent by nature, our forensics & litigation professionals bring clear communication, competency, and clarity to complex projects—from end to end. Our capabilities are unmatched and full service, with the focus on seeing that our clients are presented with fully vetted, science-backed opinions that allow them to pursue the next steps with confidence in their decision-making.

RDH is most proud of its People, whose talent in forensics benefits from the connected, multidisciplinary network of building scientists from coast to coast in North America.

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