At the heart of becoming a woman in leadership is learning: Setting your sights on something aspirational, a milestone, or a goal—and developing the skills and competencies, bit by bit, to get where you want to go.

What makes this possible is the goodwill of a firm to prioritize space and resources for growth, and empowered women leaders to model what’s possible.


RDH’s pipeline of upwardly moving women is evidence of this. Meet some of the extraordinary, bright, and talented women leading the way in building science.




Shawna Cole

Associate, Organization Development Director (VAN)

An educator with a passion and gift for teaching and mentoring others, Shawna is graduating in Spring 2024 from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Master of Educational Leadership. She is one of the contributing authors of the Connections textbook series.




Brittany Coughlin | MASc, P.Eng., BEMP, CPHC

Principal, Regional Director – Canada East, Energy & Sustainability Specialist (VAN)

Brittany is a Regional Director and Energy + Climate Discipline Lead. She’s developing and spearheading RDH’s Climate Plan to transition all our processes, operations, and models to meet our sustainability commitments.




Christy Love| P.Eng., CPHC

Principal, Energy & Climate Specialist (VIC)

Speaking at the 2023 Retrofit Canada Conference, Christy’s presentation focused on the BC-based deep energy retrofit pilot that is implementing holistic solutions for both multifamily and single-family homes.







Sarah Gray| P.Eng., CAHP

Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist (TOR)

Sarah recently presented with a panel of experts at the Ontario Building Enclosure Council’s spring seminar, highlighting RDH’s expertise in planning, implementing, and commissioning deep retrofits of existing buildings toward net zero carbon goals. This work builds on several years of effort invested by Sarah, Andrea Pietila, Amy Montgomery, and Christy Love, among other team members.


Kelsey Saunders| M.B.Sc., CPHD

Senior Building Science Consultant (TOR)

Rehanna Devraj-Kizuk |  B.A.Sc., P.Eng, CPHC

Passive House Project Manager (TOR)


Co-authors of the New Design Resources for Embodied Carbon Targets Study, this collaborative study with TMU (funded by TAF) helps building owners, architects, and others optimize material selection to reduce embodied carbon in commercial and industrial buildings and mitigate climate change.




Savannah Gilette

Building Science Engineer (SEA)

An emerging star in Building Science, Savannah is one to watch! She is a young professional already making an impact through exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, and client service.





Chloe Hoepfinger

Building Science Technologist (PDX)

A recent Oregon State University Architectural Engineering grad, Chloe is always willing to jump into projects and tasks around the Portland office, including drawing reviews and helping with building rehab, new construction, field review, and contract administration. Word that she’s a smart and capable Building Science Technologist is traveling fast, the other offices have also been tapping her for support. We’re so glad you’re here, Chloe!




Cherise Lakeside | FCSI

Senior Specification Writer (PDX)

Host of Arcat’s DETAILED podcast, Cherise seeks out talented, innovative industry professionals to hear their stories, stay on the industry pulse, and bring important conversations around the built environment to the surface. Only two years in the making, DETAILED’s 87 episodes have amassed over 152,00 unique listeners, 575,000 downloads, and listeners from 186 countries.  



Melissa Meikle | M.S., P.E.

Project Engineer (OAK)

Melissa is 1 of 50 women honored by the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California’s “Faces of Women in Structural Engineering.” Congrats Melissa!





Penny Short

Project Coordinator (SEA)

A 10+ year RDH veteran and wearer of many hats, Penny is a wealth of knowledge of all things RDH. Currently, she is taking on more PM work and is a key player on our Construction Management team.








Julia Karg

Project Manager (BOS)

In addition to her new role as Project Manager (congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!), Julia also brings her passion for connecting and uplifting people to RDH. She’s a member of our DEI Committee and the Boston Building Enclosure Council (BEC) board. Thanks for your investment in our communities, Julia!




Samantha Leonard | P.E.

Building Science Engineer (BOS)

In Fall 2023, Samantha finished her PhD, a remarkable achievement, symbolizing years of rigorous research, dedication, and perseverance. We know it’s just beginning and we can’t wait to see what you do next!





Lucia Marquez

Engineering Assistant (BOS)

Lucia is a Certified SolidWorks Associate and received her OSHA and swing stage certification.






Shu Talun

Associate, Senior Façade Consultant (BOS)

Shu made an impression at Facades+ Boston Conference last year, presenting on stage and sharing knowledge and expertise on enclosures, superstructure assemblies, and opaque assemblies with peers, colleagues, and other industry professionals. Shu is a key leader in our Boston office and brings her passion for the mechanics and science within facade systems to everything she does. 

Written by:

Natalie Michaelis