Seattle Office

In 2004, RDH opened its first office in the US with two employees. Since then, the Seattle office has grown to nearly 40 employees making it the largest RDH office in the US. Seattle project staff are active on projects throughout the continental US as well as in Alaska and Hawaii, often collaborating with the other RDH offices in both the US and Canada.

Existing Buildings

For homeowners and property managers, our goal is to deliver expert solutions and advice to help you avoid surprises, save you time and effort, and provide you with peace of mind. If your building is experiencing performance issues, our team of engineers and technologists can complete whole-building investigations and condition assessments to find the source of the problem and make recommendations.

We can provide repair, renewal, or rehabilitation services for all parts of the building enclosure, and offer a construction project management approach that ensures your project is completed to the highest standards, on time, and on budget. Seattle is the home office for RDH’s Construction Management operations in the US.

Our Energy team can assess your building’s energy use and provide guidance on energy saving opportunities, while our Maintenance and Planning team can work with you to develop strategies to manage your assets and prepare for the long- and short-term needs of your building.

New Construction

From concept through construction, our New Construction  team has established relationships and a reputation for excellence with local architects and developers on unique residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. Our building enclosure consulting and façade engineering services ensure that new buildings are constructed to withstand their environment while maintaining the original architectural vision. We also contribute to Seattle’s goals of building more energy-efficient structures by providing airtightness testing, thermal + hygrothermal simulation, and energy modeling services.


Our staff have expertise and strong capabilities in performing research and forensic work. We often collaborate with staff who work from our research facilities based in Vancouver, BC as well as at Building Science Laboratories (BSL) in Waterloo, ON. Our work in building science research and testing delves into issues that are of interest to the industry. The most current data and findings are not only published and presented, but are also put to practical use in all of our work across North America, informing our decisions and advancing the field of building science.