What is Learn Building Science?  

Learn Building Science is an online learning platform from the award-winning building science firm, RDH. The online learning experiences offered by Learn Building Science help users advance their careers, build problem-solving skills, and gain knowledge across broad and diverse subject matters.   

Learn Building Science offers relevant, diverse, and curated learning opportunities and resources to equip industry professionals and students with easy access to technically sound building science knowledge, from fundamental concepts to cutting edge design and construction approaches. 

Through in-person events, online talks, best practice design guidelines, industry leading publications users find practical, visually intriguing, and helpful guidance rooted in over 25 years of experience leading the building science industry. 

Register for the next event in your city or online guest lecture to deepen your expertise, sharpen core skills, and learn to use insights from best-in-class engineers. Explore the broad subject matter available at the link below.  

RDH Building Science is a firm and recognized industry leader drawing on the disciplines of research & development, energy & sustainability, enclosures, structural engineering, construction, and facades to inform more durable, resilient, sustainable, safe, and healthy building design and construction.  

Can RDH present at my upcoming event?   

Our RDH building science professionals offer in-person training sessions, presentations, and more. Contact us at for more info.   

Can I use content from this site?  

Make content requests to Our team will review the request and provide copyright approval and language, if applicable.  


I cannot find the Zoom link to the webinar, what should I do?  

Check Junk or Clutter folders for a calendar invite to the event from RDH Learn Building Science <>.    

Are the webinars recorded?  

Yes, recorded webinars can be found at Learn Building Science.  


What kind of CE (Continuing Education) credits do you offer for webinars and events?  

Most of our live webinars and events offer continuing education credit(s). Visit the specific event registration details to understand the type of credits available and attendance requirements.  

We are approved providers for AIA, AIBC, Phius CPHC, and EPP. More about these regulators, reporting requirements, and our provider information can be found here. 

We do not offer credit for watching recordings of webinars or events. 

How do I request Continuing Education credit(s)?  

The webinar or event registration process will prompt users to request credits. Provide the necessary information and the system will register you.  

The system does not allow retroactive changes, so the request must be made during registration.  

How soon after the event or webinar will my AIA, AIBC, or EPP credits be reported?  

AIA, AIBC, and EPP credits are reported within 7 to 10 days. 

How do I self-report my attendance to Phius?  

Refer to the Phius section of our continuing education page here. 

Can you report my attendance to OAA?  

To self-report to OAA, use the completion certificate sent out following the webinar or event.  

I recently attended a live webinar or event but did not receive a completion certificate, why not?  

RDH, in compliance with AIA standards, requires attendance for a minimum of 50 minutes to receive a completion certificate for 1-hour webinar or event. Click here to learn more.  

I received an email from Gutenberg Certs. Who are they?  

Gutenberg Certs is our completion certificate provider. Following an event or webinar, completion certificates will be sent via Gutenberg Certs and can also be accessed on their website. Completion certificates can be used to self-report attendance to Phius, OAA, and other organizations.  

Why don’t I have access to an on-demand or e-learning course I previously purchased?  

Learn Building Science has migrated to All on-demand course content is now available in the technical library.