The Lord Shaughnessy is a unique building in Victoria, British Columbia. Constructed in the 1980s, the 4-story residential building is not only a concrete rather than wood structure, but its angular geometry and thoughtful composition of materials, textures, and colors lend it a striking appearance. After 30 years, its original windows and sliding glass doors were letting water in and heat out, and the owners realized that the original mix of exposed concrete, tile, and stucco could no longer be cost effectively maintained through targeted repairs.

Our Victoria team first became acquainted with the owners of Lord Shaughnessy during the preparation of their depreciation report. Given the issues reported and observed on-site, the owners engaged us to conduct a more detailed assessment of the building enclosure that ultimately confirmed water ingress at the exterior stucco- and tile-clad walls, windows, and sliding glass doors.

Our team worked with the owners to develop a renewal plan for the Lord Shaughnessy that addressed the necessary repair and replacement work while honoring the original architectural elements. With the plan in hand, the owners decided to implement the project using our construction project management team. The owners recognized the value in the transparency and level of control our construction management approach afforded over the more traditional general contractor approach.

From the street level, the changes at the Lord Shaughnessy appear subtle; however, the renewal project has transformed the building in terms of comfort and durability. The previous water ingress issues were remedied with better construction detailing. The installation of an exterior air barrier and exterior insulation has improved the building’s thermal performance and the comfort of the occupants; new double-glazed vinyl windows and sliding glass doors further contribute to the building’s greater energy efficiency and have noticeably reduced the transmission of street noise into the suites. After the first winter following the renewal project’s implementation, some owners mentioned having lower utility bills.


May 6, 2019


Brown Bros. Agencies Ltd., Strata Plan VIS851

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