Best Practices for Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits is published by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing. This guide consolidates best practices for air sealing and insulation retrofits (i.e. building enclosure weatherization) for British Columbia homes. It does not cover mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, or diagnostic testing. The guide is intended to be a valuable reference tool for construction industry professionals and can help train contractors to perform weatherization work. It is similar in content to contractor-focused weatherization program training guides, but with specific regard to British Columbia’s unique climate, construction practices, and building code requirements. The information may also interest homeowners performing home retrofits without a contractor, though is not written for the do-it yourself audience. Guides such as Keeping the Heat In, published by Natural Resources Canada, or Insulate and Weatherize—Build Like a Pro Series, from the Tauton Press, are examples of publications that are more appropriate for homeowners planning to undertake the work themselves. Homeowner tips are provided to assist with operation and maintenance.

This guide was prepared by RDH Building Science Inc. with assistance from Innes Hood Consulting, Ken Farrish Marketing, and Constructive Home Solutions.

RDH Building Science