Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) is Oregon’s housing finance agency, providing financial and programming support to create and preserve opportunities for quality, affordable housing for Oregonians of lower and moderate income. The current agency was created in 1991, when the legislature merged the Oregon Housing Agency with State Community Services. The coordination between housing and services creates a continuum of programs that can assist and empower lower-income individuals and families in their efforts to become self-reliant. OHCS administers federal and state antipoverty, homeless, energy assistance, and community service programs. OHCS also assists in the financing of single-family homes and the new construction or rehabilitation of multifamily affordable housing developments, as well as grants and tax credits to promote affordable housing. In its ongoing efforts to maintain multiunit wood-framed residential buildings, OHCS recognizes an increasing need for guidance related to the building enclosure systems. Recent failures leading to costly repairs and re-repairs emphasize this need.

This guide has been prepared as one part of an ongoing effort to provide that guidance to the design and construction of wood-framed, multiunit residential buildings. This edition of the guide is intended to be a living document and will be updated as feedback is received and as more current technical information becomes available. Users are invited to submit comments and suggestions to OHCS.

Developed by RDH for OHCS.


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