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Building envelope failures in southwestern BC have received much coverage in the past few years. CMHC’s Survey of Envelope Failures in the Coastal Climate of British Columbia identified the cause of the problems and provided a focus for the development of solutions for these problems.The Best Practice Guide – Wood Frame Envelopes in the Coastal Climate of British Columbia was prepared to provide design and construction guidance for new construction.

However, many moisture troubled buildings must still be rehabilitated.The fact that some of these moisture troubled buildings have been previously repaired and now require a second more extensive rehabilitation effort underscores the need for guidance with respect to effective repair and rehabilitation measures. Inconsistencies in the way consultants assess the performance problems, offer recommendations, detail and specify repairs and implement rehabilitation projects have underscored the need of a rehabilitation guide.

The Owner/Property Manager Guide is a document for Property Managers and Condominium Corporations (called Strata Corporations in B.C.). It focuses less on technical details and more on the process to help owners make informed decisions. It helps explain why buildings have failed and why different technology may be required for rehabilitation.

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