• Graham Finch

Deep Dive into Rainscreens Session 5 explores the last line of defense for water intrusion: the water-resistive barrier (WRB) membrane.

RDH Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist, Graham Finch, will discuss how WRB membrane selection and placement within the rainscreen wall design can either enhance or hinder long-term assembly performance. Graham will explain how design decisions such as open joint claddings, vapor control layers, and exterior insulation influence the product selection and design of this critical membrane.

You will learn:
– The role of the WRB membrane in enabling rainscreen wall durability.
– How the material properties of a WRB membrane may influence other wall design decisions related to air control and vapor control.
– The optimal placement of the WRB membrane in the wall and in relation to other assembly layers like exterior insulation.
– When to be concerned about holes through the WRB membrane, such as those necessary for cladding attachment and fasteners.


RDH Building Science