• Sasha Itsekson
    Principal, Senior Structural Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc.
  • James Higgins
    Associate, Building Science Technologist, RDH Building Science Inc.

A resilient building enclosure requires a proactive approach to façade design.

In this session, Sasha Itsekson, RDH Senior Structural Specialist, will dissect 5 crucial structural design parameters that profoundly impact building movement dynamics. James Higgins, RDH Building Science Technologist, will demonstrate how building movement impacts façade design and share effective strategies. Case studies and visuals will spotlight potential challenges and the notion of “impossible geometry.” The session underscores the significance of employing a comprehensive full-scale performance mock-up as a powerful risk mitigation tool. You’ll leave with a holistic understanding of the interplay between structural elements and façade design.

You’ll learn how to:
– Outline the essential considerations of the façade design team to ensure successful design collaboration.
– Describe the cause-and-effect relationship between building movement and façade displacement.
– Identify instances of clashes and “impossible geometry” in case studies and graphical examples of building and façade movement.
– Recognize the significance of utilizing a full-scale performance mock-up as a risk mitigation measure.


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