This guide is intended to help owners, strata managers and strata council members manage renewals planning and implementation. It incorporates examples from a variety of building and property types, including townhouses, high-rises and low-rises, and both wood-framed and concrete buildings. While the guide targets strata corporations regulated by the Strata Property Act in British Columbia, the information will also be useful to non-strata homeowners, including housing co-ops.

Over the life of a building, various components, materials and assemblies will require regular maintenance and ultimately renewals. Deciding what work is required, when and how it will be undertaken, who will implement it, and how it will be paid for is all part of the maintenance and renewals planning process.

This guide gives readers the background knowledge required to ask good questions, to know when to seek outside expertise, and to approach the management of renewals projects with greater confidence. It is not intended to answer questions specific to a particular project or property, or replace the advice and experience of knowledgeable professionals.

Prepared by RDH for BC Housing.

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