RDH Building Science

While the approach to thermal simulation of vision glazing areas is well documented by groups such as the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the approach to simulate opaque spandrel panels is not similarly documented. Furthermore, spandrel assemblies are substantially different from conventional opaque wall assemblies (i.e., concrete, steel stud, wood stud, etc.). To address this industry need, RDH in partnership with the Fenestration Association of BC (FENBC) and funding from BC Housing has developed a procedure to determine spandrel panel U-factors using common industry tools and familiar methods. The methodology includes consideration of various spandrel panel arrangements and builds off the existing NFRC 100 simulation methodology. The objective of this procedure is to document a reasonably accurate and practical approach to determine opaque spandrel area U-values with higher precision and uniformity. This allows for the accurate representation of these systems with regards to code compliance and energy modelling, as well as the fair comparison of competing products.

Presented at the 15th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology.

View presentation slides here.

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