• Felix Weber Principal, Façade Specialist
  • Daniel Haaland Associate, Building Science Engineer

Exterior shading is essential for reducing solar heat gain and glare in buildings, especially as energy codes demand better performance and temperatures rise. Effective shading ensures energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and safety.

In this session, Felix Weber, Principal and Façade Specialist, and Daniel Haaland, Associate and Building Science Engineer, will cover exterior shading fundamentals and introduce a design tool for assessing shading efficiency. Through recent projects examples, you’ll see effective shading in energy-efficient design. Gain practical insights into shading’s role in sustainable design.

You’ll learn how to:
– Describe the fundamental design principles of exterior shading for different building elevations.
– Identify structural and thermal impact of exterior shading elements on the building enclosure system and overall building performance.
– Describe the importance of effective exterior shading in mitigating solar heat gain and glare, and its role in promoting occupant comfort and reducing energy demand.
– Differentiate exterior shading design approaches when weighing design strategies to optimize performance for different building facades.


RDH Building Science