• Dr. John Straube
    RDH Building Science Inc.
  • Jonathan Smegal
    RDH Building Science Inc.

RDH prepared this literature review report for the Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA) to provide a baseline of historical and contemporary knowledge on rainscreen performance. The report covers knowledge sources from the mid-twentieth century to the report’s publication in 2023. The focus of the review is rainscreen wall assemblies, the building science governing their performance, and testing and evaluation of these assemblies. The report includes summaries of seven primary categories of information with recommendations followed by a bibliographic list of more than 350 pieces of literature relevant to rainscreen performance. To facilitate software searches, each bibliographic entry is tagged with one or more two-character codes referencing the seven categories.

To cite this report: 

RDH Building Science (John Straube, Jonathan Smegal). 2023. Literature Review Report: Rainscreen Performance. A report prepared for the Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA).




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