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The use of increased levels of insulation within masonry veneer walls places increases demands on the gravity support systems including slab edge, edge-connected steel angles, and discretely connected steel angles. In addition to structural and durability criteria, designers need to assess masonry gravity support systems for thermal bridging.

This paper summarizes the essential thermal design criteria related to masonry veneer gravity support systems. The results of three-dimensional thermal modelling are presented to illustrate the impact of thermal bridging and the inherent benefits of de-coupling masonry supports from the building structure.

This paper will assist both masonry contractors and designers responsible for thermally efficient masonry veneer gravity support systems. A companion paper at this conference by Finch, Wilson, and Higgins (2013) specifically deals with thermal bridging issues at brick masonry veneer connectors.

This paper was presented at the 12th Canadian Masonry Symposium in 2013.

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