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The Illustrated Guide to R22+ Effective Walls in Residential Construction in British Columbia is published by BC Housing. This guide consolidates information on above and below grade wall assemblies for low- and mid-rise buildings that are capable of achieving R-22 or greater effective thermal performance. The guide is intended to be an industry, utility, and government resource with respect to meeting this thermal performance level, while not compromising other aspects of building enclosure performance, including moisture management, air leakage, and durability.

This edition of the guide has a shift in focus from the original guide, and now includes information that applies to low-rise detached and semi-detached homes, row-houses/townhomes, and multi-unit residential buildings up to six storeys within British Columbia. While this guide provides general guidance on assembly selection and key considerations, it does not provide extensive information on detailing of the assemblies at transitions and penetrations. The Additional Resources section on page 53 contains a list of various other guides that provide extensive information on the design and construction of high-performance building enclosure assemblies. Although the guide generally focuses on wood-frame, concrete, and steel-frame walls that use traditional construction methods, some guidance is included for other less common wall types.

This guide was funded and commissioned by BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and the City of New Westminster, and was prepared by RDH Building Science Inc.

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