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A desire for more thermally efficient glazing systems has led to the development and use of new proprietary triple- and even quadruple-glazed insulated glazing units (IGUs). Unfortunately, the use of some new IGU technologies has led to premature glazing failure and has resulted in the need to re-glaze buildings at significant costs to the owners of these buildings.

In 2013, one such re-glazing project was completed on an all-glass mixed-use multi-unit residential building over a luxury hotel, which was fully occupied during the process. The replacement work was facilitated by the planning and use of a unique re-glazing program, and the design and construction of a suspended scaffolding ring platform hung from the top of the building. This allowed the new 500 lb glazing units to be replaced from the exterior of the building with minimal disruption to the suite occupants during the work period.

The completion of the project in nine months from scaffolding erection to dismantling demonstrates the success of the re-glazing replacement plan and suspended scaffolding system, and provides good lessons for future re-glazing projects of all-glass towers. Lessons learned will be relevant to glazing designers and specifiers, architects, engineers, glazing contractors and construction managers.

This paper was presented at the 2015 BEST4 Conference.

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