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This paper evaluates the impact of various water-resistive barriers with a large range of vapor permeability on the hygrothermal performance of different wall assemblies. The information enables designers to select products with the most suitable vapor permeability for particular geographical locations and construction conditions. Variations in boundary conditions include climatic conditions (seven climatic locations), cladding type (three-coat stucco, manufactured stone, cement board, brick), and type of WRB (low versus high vapor permeability) deployed. The results for the performance of the wall systems are presented in form of a mold index.

Note: This article was published in Proceedings of Buildings XII, 2013. Copyright 2013 ASHRAE. Reprinted by permission at rdh.com. This article may not be copied and/or distributed electronically or in paper form without permission of ASHRAE. For more information about the Buildings XII Conference Proceedings, visit www.ashrae.org

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