In 2004, I joined RDH as one of the first members of the Portland office as an Office Administrator. A former employer connected me to RDH and I initially started as part-time before being offered to come on as full-time. Back when the Portland office first started, there were only a few of us so everyone shared different tasks to help out around the office. Even in the early days, RDH had always been supportive of my life outside of work. I had a young family and they were continually flexible and accommodating. I was given many opportunities to progress in my career and I was lucky to have Kathleen Smith as my mentor who taught me a lot about our Maintenance and Planning (MaP) services. In 2013, I moved into the role as a MaP Coordinator/Capital Reserve and Maintenance Planner where I work closely with Home Owner Associations to help them maintain their buildings. It has been very rewarding to support homeowners while they are making difficult decisions and to help them navigate the process and achieve their desired result. I have also had the chance to work on some unique projects such as the California Academy of Sciences. On this project, I saw the amazing work that they did there, including an albino alligator and a coral reef restoration project. That is just one of the many great opportunities I have had with RDH to learn and contribute to meaningful projects. From the beginning to this day, the people around me have made it a priority to help me grow my career. My journey at RDH has been challenging yet rewarding. Overall, I am proud of the fact I can complete my work with integrity and do my best to make buildings better.