Brian Hubbs | P.Eng., BEP

Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist

Brian is recognized as a practical engineer and researcher who delivers innovative solutions. He is one of the three co-founders of RDH and has a unique blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge gained from completing hundreds of projects across RDH’s various practice areas.

Brian’s experience includes work on both high- and low-rise commercial, institutional, and residential projects in many geographic locations and in virtually all climatic regions in North America.

A key member of any design team, Brian specializes in façade engineering and is regularly involved in the design, testing, and construction of unique and complex building façades. He is often asked by clients to test and review various enclosure systems manufactured around the world.

An engaging and vibrant presenter, Brian regularly speaks at seminars, conferences, and universities on a range of building science topics. As one of the key contributors to the evolution of building enclosure technology in British Columbia, he has led landmark policy, guideline, and research initiatives.