Christy Love | P.Eng., CPHC

Principal, Building Science Specialist

Christy provides leadership and guidance as the Vancouver Island Regional Manager. She oversees staff in both the Victoria and Courtenay offices, and has contributed to projects all over North America.

Her role as a Senior Project Engineer has her exploring and implementing energy- and water-efficient mechanical systems as well as emphasizing the importance of sustainable buildings. She has completed analyses for a range of energy and water conservation projects and researched innovative system design strategies.

In addition to a broad understanding of strategies to improve a building’s performance, Christy brings strong project management and clear communication to her client relationships. She particularly enjoys helping her clients fully understand the financial, functional, and environmental compromises of a range of design strategies, enabling them to make informed choices.

She has conducted numerous research projects for both government and industry associations, including Cost-Benefit Analysis of Super-Efficient New Buildings, a costing study for BC Hydro.