Marine Sanchez | C.Eng., CPHD “Expert” Seal, PHI-Accredited Certifier, M.Eng., M.Sc.

Senior Passive House Consultant


As part of Canada’s circle of highly experienced Passive House professionals, Marine leads RDH’s Passive House consulting services on the East Coast of the US and Canada, focusing on the delivery of large-scale institutional and mixed-use projects. Driven to make a positive impact with every project, she uses her passion and expertise to drive change in the industry to face the climate emergency.

Marine became a Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) in 2013 and a Passive House Certifier in 2019. In 2022, she was awarded the PHPP Expert seal.

Marine has consulted on and led a variety of new-build and retrofit Passive House projects, from deep energy retrofits to large-scale, new-build, mixed-use buildings. Her goal is to deliver high-performance buildings at scale more affordably and efficiently across different sectors. She uses an integrated design approach to enclosure, mechanical system, and energy performance design to guide the team toward optimized design solutions.

Marine has extensive experience in supporting the delivery of high-performance buildings in both Europe and Canada and has led design and site teams unfamiliar with Passive House toward certification. Her work extends to assisting with new industry-leading developments such as designing high-performance commercial kitchens for projects with the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria Student Residence.

In addition to her consulting work, Marine is dedicated to educating the industry about high-performance building practices. She has been serving as a trainer in the Passive House community in the United Kingdom and Canada since 2013. She also supports various levels of government in implementing policies, including the City of Toronto’s Zero Emissions Buildings Framework. She serves on the International Passive House Conference’s technical advisory committee, led by the Passive House Institute.

Before moving to Canada, Marine was a Principal at one of the pioneering Passive House firms in England.