About Us

We’re passionate about making buildings better. From new construction, to building repair, renewal, and rehabilitation; assessment and investigation to maintenance, RDH offers a range of consulting and in-the-field services to help building owners, architects, and construction professionals achieve their goals and bring their visions to life.

RDH is different. Everything we do is built on a foundation of excellence in research and our reputation for innovation. We strive to be recognized as leaders through our unparalleled level of technical knowledge, our authorship and publication of guidelines, our informing of and collaboration with policy makers, and our willingness and ability to handle even the toughest of projects.

With a talented team of experts whose combined experience totals hundreds of years of practice, our focus is on helping clients make informed decisions that lead to durable, effective, and inspiring buildings. We see both the big picture and the details, approaching projects with a deep and multifaceted understanding of building performance, design, and construction; integrating our expertise in building science with practical construction knowledge and experience.

RDH is the recipient of numerous awards for our projects including: The Belmont, Ramona Apartments, Crystallis, and the Wood Innovation and Design Centre.

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