RDH is thrilled to announce our newest Associates. Please join us in congratulating them for their leadership, hard work, and dedication to RDH.
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Kelly Mikkelson | CRSP

Associate, Corporate Project and Risk Manager

Kelly is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) with more than 10 years of Health and Safety (H&S) management experience across multiple industries, including Oil and Gas, Mining, and Construction. Since Kelly joined RDH in 2017 as our corporate H&S Manager, her role has evolved and grown to her current position as Corporate Project and Risk Manager.

Kelly remains responsible for the management and continuous improvement of our Corporate H&S Program, with additional responsibilities related to our broader risk program, including insurance and contract management. For the Corporate Project portion of her role and at the request of the Corporate Management Team (CMT), she is also responsible for managing and implementing substantial cross-functional projects and projects that do not fit easily under an existing department or team (e.g., Project Information Management and Knowledge Management). Additionally, Kelly is a resource for RDH’s other project managers to ensure that all necessary cross-functional steps and business process review/re-development tasks have been completed throughout a project’s life cycle.

During Kelly’s time at RDH, she’s led or played a critical role in several initiatives, including implementing our Learning and Development program and our learning management system, updating our intranet site, and overhauling our Occupational Health and Safety program. Each of these initiatives support RDH’s employees and project teams to become more knowledgeable, have access to critical tools and information they need to do their jobs properly, and to ensure our systems are both efficient.

Tomasz Jankowski | Dipl.Tech.

Associate, Project Superintendent

Tomasz Jankowski began his career with RDH as a building science technologist and later moved into his current role as a project superintendent with RDH’s Construction Project Management group.

As a project superintendent, Tomasz is responsible for the overall organization of the construction site. He coordinates the trades, produces and maintains the project schedule, oversees the safety and first aid of the workers, communicates with the owners, and ensures the quality of the work. Since RDH projects typically involve a full or partial building enclosure remediation, projects often require placement of access scaffolding around the building. The work typically involves replacement of claddings, windows, roofs, and decks, and repairs to interior finishes. Tomasz has completed a number of successful building enclosure remediation projects, including Broadway Church and Royal Gardens. He also provides technical support to technologists and on-site staff.

Tomasz completed his Dipl.Tech. in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He also completed a Diploma in Building Technology at Secondary Construction School in Bialystok, Poland. He continues to develop his technical knowledge and experience as a superintendent and technical specialist.

Mike Grummett | P.Eng.

Associate, Building Science Engineer

Mike is a professional engineer who leads building enclosure projects for existing and heritage buildings. He combines his background in structural engineering with building science to bring deep expertise in building design, construction, and project management.

Mike’s primary area of focus is on the evaluation and renewal of existing buildings, with projects in the commercial, residential, and institutional sectors. He leverages this experience to assist building owners in planning for future maintenance through the development of capital needs assessments and depreciation reports. He also provides support to senior technical specialists on litigation and forensic projects.

Mike also has an expertise in the evaluation, conservation, and repair of heritage buildings. He has been a technical leader on our award-winning heritage conservation work.

Located in Squamish, Mike has developed a diverse portfolio of projects throughout the Sea-to-Sky corridor, the Lower Mainland, and the interior of British Columbia.

Robyn Edgar | P.Eng.

Associate, Building Science Engineer

Robyn is a Building Science Engineer  who oversees repair, renewal, and rehabilitation (3R) projects on a variety of building enclosures. She brings over a decade of building enclosure consulting experience to the RDH Existing Buildings team.

Robyn has experience managing various aspects of projects such as scope development, budget preparation, cost control, tendering, scheduling, and client relations.

For the past five years, Robyn has managed 3R projects for multiple residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. She also gained experience helping with the design of building enclosures for new construction projects.

Robyn possesses a strong technical understanding of building science principles and the construction process. She regularly utilizes these skills by preparing building enclosure condition assessments, conducting site visits, reviewing shop drawings, and drafting project specifications.

Robyn is a member of the Building Enclosure Advisory Group at Engineers and Geoscientists BC and is a part-time instructor in Project Management at BCIT. In her spare time, Robyn partners with Engineers and Geoscientists BC to promote engineering for students and community groups.

Len Sakuragi | B.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Associate, Building Science Engineer

Len is a Building Science Engineer on RDH’s Existing Buildings team. He serves as a project manager on building enclosure rehabilitation, renewal, and repair projects. He conducts on-site review to ensure that construction is undertaken in general conformance with contract documents and the building code. He is also involved in the forensic investigation of field conditions for litigation support and field testing of enclosure components and assemblies.

Len also supports new building projects. His responsibilities include project management, field review, construction mock-up and shop drawing reviews, and testing. Len has a particular interest in the interactions between building mechanical systems and building enclosures. He is also gaining experience with high-performance and net-zero energy buildings.

Len first joined RDH in 2008 as an Engineer-in-Training. After taking two years to work in Japan, he returned to RDH Vancouver in 2017. Len holds a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.). certified by Engineers & Geoscientists of BC.

Michael Wilkinson | M.Eng., EIT, CPHD

Associate, Building Science Research Engineer (EIT)

Much of Michael’s work at RDH revolves around guiding and shaping the development of high-performance building enclosures. He contributes to New Buildings projects as well as managing innovative Passive House projects such as the Doig River Cultural Center and the Gastown Childcare Centres in British Columbia.

Michael works alongside architects and developers during the early-stage design phase and schematic design while also overseeing the later stages of field review and testing. As a Certified Passive House Designer, he brings the ability to provide energy-saving solutions and strategies to any project.

Michael shares his experience as a part-time instructor at the BC Institute of Technology and teaches building science and construction technology classes.

Daniel Haaland | M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Associate, Building Science Engineer

As a Building Science Engineer, Daniel supports RDH’s core practice areas including New Buildings, Building Science Labs, and Energy & Sustainability, while also contributing to our Training and Publications services.

Daniel leads our Thermal Simulation team, our in-house group dedicated to analyzing the thermal performance of building enclosure systems and assisting clients in achieving their low energy/high-performance targets. As the lead author of several industry guidelines and standards related to thermal modeling, including the CSA Z5010 Standard and the THERM PH Window Simulation procedure, Daniel is an industry leader in this field.

Prior to joining RDH, Daniel completed a master’s degree in Building Science at the University of Toronto, where his research focused on indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

Elyse Henderson | M.Sc., CMVP, LEED Green Associate

Associate, Energy and Sustainability Consultant

Elyse is an Energy and Sustainability Consultant, specializing in emission reduction and building science research. Her main area of focus is leading multidisciplinary research teams to inform policy development and Demand-Side Management program design by evaluating energy performance, greenhouse gas emissions, and costing for high performance new construction and deep retrofits of existing buildings.

Elyse leads knowledge dissemination and industry education for new policies and construction best practices through the development of industry guideline material and presentations at workshops. She is also regularly engaged by municipalities and government to inform the development and implementation of energy codes, such as the BC Energy Step Code.

Through her previous work with Sustainable Buildings Canada, Elyse advised large building developers of the benefits of energy efficient technology and low impact development. At the Impact Centre, Elyse helped develop the CleanTech Industry Cluster, a platform connecting organizations looking to collaborate on developing clean technology.

Amy Montgomery | M.A.Sc., P.Eng., CPHC

Associate, Building Science Engineer

With a foundation in mechanical engineering, Amy provides a building durability and sustainability perspective to almost all of our Practice Areas. As a Professional Engineer, Certified Passive House Consultant, and LEED Accredited Professional, she is well-positioned to support the design and construction of high-performance buildings.

As well as a valuable technical resource Amy is relied on as Project Manager. Her combination of experience and technical understanding ensure that value to the client is prioritized during project delivery.

In addition to holding her Professional Engineers registration in Both Ontario and British Columbia, Amy is a member of the Association of Preservation Technology International (APT), Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), and the Canadian Green Building Council CaGBC.

Amy first joined RDH Victoria in 2012, moving to RDH Toronto in 2017 and has had a strong influence on the development of our Existing Building, New Buildings, and Energy and Sustainability services in Ontario.

Hiroki Ota | M.S., PE

Associate, Senior Project Engineer

As a Senior Project Engineer, Hiroki works primarily as an on-site technical lead who performs a variety of tasks for both new and existing buildings. He is often responsible for managing field review and in-situ field testing on new construction projects and managing field investigations and assessments of existing buildings.

On rehabilitation and new construction projects, Hiroki typically conducts field review of the building enclosure and ensures that construction is undertaken in conformance with the contract documents. He also carries out building enclosure condition assessments, which involves field investigation, testing building enclosure components and assemblies, and documenting field findings.

Hiroki’s particular building science interests include construction and emerging technologies, curtain wall design, and forensic investigation techniques. Some of his notable projects include the new Seattle Children’s Research Institute: Building Cure and the Seattle Federal Reserve Bank, and the rehabilitation of 2200 Westlake.

Jason Acosta | M.S., PE

Associate, Senior Project Engineer

Jason is a Senior Project Engineer who specializes in new construction projects and energy code compliance. He works on a variety of design development and construction field review tasks.

Jason manages RDH’s energy code compliance work in Seattle, which includes permit documentation for a variety of new construction and existing building projects. He also manages new construction projects and assists in the design and development of construction documents. Jason’s experience at RDH includes serving as a project engineer for the rehabilitation and expansion of a high-profile campus for a Fortune 500 company.

Before joining RDH in 2014, Jason worked as an energy analyst and rater in Colorado, where he conducted energy audits of single-family and multifamily residences and conducted third-party residential energy code inspections. While earning his master’s degree, he interned at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Nicole Chatterton | M.B.Sc., EIT

Associate, Building Science Consultant

With over 11 years of experience working on major public infrastructure projects, Nicole is well-versed in the best practices for new buildings projects. With a background in civil engineering, she supports RDH Oakland as a Building Enclosure Consultant (EIT).

She uses her technical expertise to analyze design and shop drawings to support the submission of design details. Nicole also runs hygrothermal simulations using a variety of programs, including PHPP, WUFI, THERM, and HOT2000 to conduct further analysis.

Her previous experience as Assistant Project Manager at a Canadian construction services company helps Nicole coordinate and drive successful project delivery. As part of a project team she consistently assesses where value to the client can be prioritized and optimized.

Gladys Vogstad

Associate, Business Applications and Operations Manager

Gladys leads the Information Technology team at RDH. She provides guidance to our leadership team on IT strategy, Cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Gladys also leads the Business Applications Group and manages a portfolio of enterprise applications that support our staff in the field, at the office, and working from home.

Gladys has been an important part of RDH’s digital transformation. She is passionate about new technology and tools that add value and support RDH’s project delivery. She is customer focused, and actively listens to concerns to develop practical solutions and process improvements to drive efficiency and productivity.

Gladys’ 20 years of experience working in a variety of IT- related roles is an asset to RDH’s future growth plan. Since joining RDH in 2018, she continues to transform RDH’s IT practice and improve the security posture. She is also a member of the Microsoft Canada Small and Medium Business Customer Council.


Congratulations to all our new Associates! On behalf of our leadership team, we look forward to continuing to help our clients Make Buildings Better in 2021 and beyond.

Written by:

Robert Bombino