As energy code requirements  become more stringent, greater attention is being paid to the design of thermally efficient cladding attachment solutions. The Guide to Cladding Attachment Solutions for Exterior-Insulated Commercial Walls allow readers to determine which cladding attachment systems best suit the needs of their project.

In 2018, RDH released the 4th edition of the guide to include new proprietary systems as well as an noteworthy chapter on structural optimization for thermal performance. This section explores the various parameters that govern the structural design and how they impact thermal performance. Examples of optimizing the clip choice and required spacing to meet the structural requirements are also presented.

Sections in the new chapter include:

  • Optimization Considerations
  • Clip Design
  • Seismic Loads
  • Deflections
  • Example Calculations
  • Optimization Challenges
  • Using the Chi Value

Guide authored by Graham Finch and James Higgins.

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Written by:

Graham Finch