In August 2019, the Washington State Housing Finance Commission added RDH to the Approved Roster of Energy Modeling Consultants. This is another positive step forward for our team as we continue to grow and share our expertise regarding energy efficient building across North America.

What does this mean?

This recognition means that RDH can now provide utility allowance calculations for a number of Commission supported properties and partners, building on our already extensive portfolio of work.

Who can you get in contact with?

Our team includes several people who can provide energy modeling and other energy efficiency services for your project. Below are a few of the people you can get in touch with in our Seattle office to help understand and manage your building’s energy consumption and put you on the path to a high-performance building.



For more information about any of our Energy & Sustainability services or current projects please contact any of our team members listed above or our contact Seattle office directly here.

You can also view the Washington States Housing Finance Commissions full Approved Roster of Energy Modeling Consultants here.

Written by:

Natalie Michaelis