We are thrilled to be introducing our new Principals and Associates of 2024 today! This group showcases exceptional talent, consistently delivering unparalleled value to our clients, their teams, and the industry.

Congratulations to this new wave of innovators shaping the landscape of Building Science!


Eric Catania, P.Eng.

Principal, Energy & Climate Specialist

Eric’s team-oriented approach to work and calm demeanour make him a trusted partner to clients and a critical collaborator to teammates. As a skilled specialist in our Energy & Climate sector, Eric is Vancouver’s go-to person for low-carbon design and whole-building energy modelling.

Eric’s capabilities in Passive House design consulting and energy modelling mean he can deliver on complex, high-performance buildings for healthcare, commercial, residential, and other projects targeting zero carbon. As a recognized thought leader and educator in British Columbia’s energy modelling network, he is also a key contributor to developing new codes and standards.

Daniel Haaland, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Principal, Senior Building Science Engineer

Analytical and resourceful, Daniel is integral to achieving performance expectations in our enclosure and façade work. He is an engaged and passionate leader, who remains present and accessible to his peers. Some of his projects represent the region’s most complex, high-end, and sizable developments, and his presence on the team brings technical excellence.

As part of his contributions to the industry, Daniel authored CSA’s Z5010 Thermal Bridging Calculation Methodology, which sets out the requirements for modelling 2D and 3D thermal bridges and facilitates the calculation of heat flow for thermal performance.

Neil Norris, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., CPHD

Principal, Building Science Specialist

Neil came to RDH after years of leading a Building Performance Analysis team and working at Passive House Canada. At RDH, he is a wealth of knowledge and a technical resource, always ready to help implement new analytical tools and look for ways to grow client relationships.

Neil is recognized industry-wide for his work on high-performance enclosures, including contributions to FenBC and ASHRAE 90.1. He sits on the B2E Coalition Technical Committee and Vancouver Heritage Foundation Board of Directors. His climate work includes partnering with the National Capital Commission on Net-Zero Retrofit Planning for their portfolio of buildings. Neil was a lead author of the widely referenced Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide.

Michael Wilkinson, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Principal, Senior Building Science Engineer

Michael is a well-rounded team leader who is versatile and solutions-oriented but also brings a nuanced and creative lens to the work. His time at RDH started in R&D, developing products and providing industry education. He has since expanded to consult on large redevelopments, Passive House, prefabricated façades, and other complex projects.

Michael is currently leading the enclosure team on the Richmond Centre in BC, a mixed-use redevelopment with new retail, residential, and community spaces in Richmond’s downtown core. Outside of his work at RDH, Michael continues to educate and teaches at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Chris George, Architectural Technologist AIBC

Principal, Construction Project Manager

Chris is a leader on our Construction Management service team. Known as the go-to Construction Project Manager (CPM) in Victoria, he shares his expertise by liaising between the specialists focused on the building enclosure and the larger project team.

Chris’ attention to detail and commitment to quality means he often oversees interrelated project challenges, high-profile clients, and complex teams, frequently helping to address high-stakes issues with many stakeholders. Easy to work with and an asset to have on any team, Chris is not only a valuable CPM but an example of an exemplary RDH professional who reflects our core values.

Marine Sanchez, M.Sc., M.Eng., CPHD Expert, PHI Certifier

Principal, Passive House Specialist

Marine oversees RDH’s Passive House services across North America. A rising star from the get-go, she is a diligent, engaged, and charismatic professional who believes in designing thoughtfully and approaching the work we do with energy performance, durability, and climate always in mind.

Marine is a recognized public speaker, published author, and podcast presence. She is passionate about practising in the Passive House and Energy & Climate space and leverages her expertise wherever possible.

Her notable and recent work includes consulting on one of the largest Passive House projects in Canada, the University of Victoria’s Student Housing and Dining project (designed by Perkins + Will).


Ian Miller, P.Eng., LEED AP, CCCA

Principal, Building Science Specialist

Ian brings two decades of building science and restoration engineering and consulting experience to RDH. He is versed in new design and construction and the restoration, rehabilitation, and renovation of existing buildings. Committed to excellence, Ian prioritizes delivering value, efficiency, performance, and durability to his projects.

Passionate about the impact building science has on the built environment and the climate crisis, Ian is also an expert in assisting building owners on short and long-term capital projects. He is a trusted partner who can prioritize these investment projects against financial logistics.

Ian is a senior leader and seasoned industry professional who recently joined RDH as a Principal in our Waterloo office. Welcome Ian!

Tammy Siliznoff, M.S., P.E., LEED AP

Principal, Senior Project Manager

As one of RDH Oakland’s very first hires, Tammy was instrumental in starting up our Bay Area office thanks to her prior local experience. Since helping to get the new office off the ground, she’s developed a breadth of experience in modular design, mass timber projects, energy retrofits, forensic investigations, and condition assessments. She is a meticulous and focused project manager, making her a critical leader for our investigative work and litigation projects.

Tammy builds trust with her clients through clear communication, consistent delivery, and collaboration. She is invaluable and irreplaceable in the growth of our services for existing buildings, including rope-access façade inspections, forensic investigations, energy retrofits, and building enclosure renewals.

Jason Acosta, M.S., P.E.

Principal, Senior Project Manager

Jason wears many hats in addition to his role as a Senior Project Manager. Whether it be business development or client service, he contributes his invaluable wealth of experience and ability to effectively steer projects to every endeavor.

Committed to doing his part to enable a climate-responsive future, Jason shares his dedication through his contributions to professional publications and his participation at national architecture and engineering conferences. He is a multidisciplinary practitioner and a code consultant for the City of Seattle, where he champions energy services and offers training and education on future energy code mandates.

Jason recently led the team in providing building enclosure consulting on the Skyglass Tower, a 31-story, 338-unit apartment tower with 122 underground parking spaces located in South Lake Union, Seattle’s fastest-growing neighborhood.

Tom King

Principal, Senior Project Manager

When Tom joined RDH in 2019, he brought critical field and construction management expertise to our Seattle location. He quickly proved to be an impactful and value-driven Project Manager and achieved the Associate title in 2022.

Tom’s composed and thoughtful presence differentiates him in any project dynamic. Among his team members, he generates an atmosphere of trust, communication, and thoroughness. A visible and engaged team player with a proven track record, Tom is a key figure in managing several of our firm’s large and complex construction management projects.

Andrew Dillenbeck, M.S., P.E.

Principal, Senior Project Manager

Andrew has been critical to the development of our newly formed Denver office. Bringing years of experience from his time in Seattle, Andrew is now leading the team in Colorado to bring high-performing, durable, and climate-resilient design to the area. Andrew’s portfolio of experience spans from Wyoming, Montana, and Kansas to Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

When it comes to delivering work on high-performance unitized glazing systems, historic masonry facades, and 3D evaluation and modeling of challenging building enclosure interfaces, Andrew is an expert and a trusted partner to his clients.

Winnie Lin

Principal, Corporate Controller

RDH got lucky with Winnie, who joined the firm as a parental-leave replacement. Fast forward a few years, and she is now one of the most critical players on the accounting team—constantly bringing rigor, diligence, and a solutions-oriented lens to her role. Winnie, along with the rest of the powerhouse accounting team, is responsible for making sure RDH’s monthly and annual financial cycles are processed quickly and correctly.

Winnie’s naturally inquisitive nature makes her a high-level thinker who not only knows how to challenge the status quo but also offers smart, responsive solutions to the delicate balance between complex operational responsibilities and intricate people logistics.

Written by:

Natalie Michaelis