The uncontrolled flow of air into, out of, and within multi‐unit residential buildings (MURBs) can create performance problems with respect to energy consumption, moisture, and indoor air quality. This 2013 study provides a review of the state of the industry with respect to airtightness in MURBs, including testing requirements and techniques, performance targets, measured MURB airtightness, and industry airtightness testing capacity. A number of tasks were involved:

  • Review of literature relevant to MURB airtightness
  • Study of large building airtightness regulatory requirements in international jurisdictions (including the US) and industry capacity to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Review of industry preparedness in Canada to address air leakage control in MURBs

Methods included a survey of industry involvement and preparedness and a compilation of MURB airtightness testing data.

RDH Building Science