• Brian Hubbs
    RDH Building Science
  • John Straube
    RDH Building Science


Every building tells a story. When buildings or their components fail, the story is a mystery, with many clues to unravel and important lessons along the way. In this webinar, Brian Hubbs and John Straube will share case studies of building failures that illustrate the complexities of existing buildings and what it takes to properly diagnose and cost-effectively fix them. Hear from their experience how a holistic, multi-faceted approach to forensic investigations can solve tough problems in the short term and lead to new knowledge in the long term, broadly informing practice for both retrofits and new building design.

This webinar will be of interest to architects, builders, building developers, and others in the industry.

You’ll Learn About:

1. Where buildings tend to “go wrong” in terms of durability and other performance measures.

2. How the interaction of building systems is often at the root of performance issues and building failures.

3. Tools and techniques that may be involved in a whole-building approach to forensic investigations.

4. Specific cases where problems or failures in existing buildings have led to new knowledge and changes in industry practice.

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