• Erica Barnes
    RDH Building Science
  • Amy Montgomery
    RDH Building Science

At RDH, we love old buildings! In this talk, Amy Montgomery and Erica Barnes will share practical considerations for the repair of historic limestone masonry based on their hands-on field experience from several recently completed restoration projects. This presentation includes a curated discussion of typical limestone deterioration causes and the design decisions that lead to strategic and historically sensitive repair strategies. Amy and Erica’s presentation includes before-and-after photos from the field, example repair details, and an opportunity to engage in an interactive session that delves into the various competing priorities when choosing the “best-fit” repair approach for a given condition.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone interested in the “nuts and bolts” of heritage and historic building restoration will enjoy this event, including owners and operators of masonry buildings who want to gain a better understanding of the technical considerations of restoration projects as well as architects, engineers, and heritage consultants who will bring their own experience and perspective to the topic.

You’ll Learn About:

1.       Identifying common types of limestone masonry deterioration.

2.       Identifying when limestone masonry deterioration requires further evaluation to understand the root cause of the deterioration.

3.       Comparing repair strategies that are typically applied to limestone masonry.

4.       Selecting an appropriate repair approach to address limestone deterioration to meet project-specific objectives.

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