• Colin Shane
    RDH Building Science


In this session, Colin Shane of RDH Building Science explores different types of mass timber, from CLT and NLT to glulam to parallel strand lumber, and describes how and where they are commonly used as building enclosure components. This is an overview presentation that covers important design principles and provides a good base for understanding mass timber enclosures. Specific topics include wood as a material (and what that means from a moisture perspective), design considerations for walls, roofs, and floors, and lessons learned from projects across North America. Case studies are introduced to illustrate key concepts.

This webinar will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular architects, designers, contractors, and developers who are interested in learning about the design and construction of mass timber enclosures.

You’ll Learn How to:

1. Identify material characteristics for a range of mass timber products.

2. Recognize enclosure design principles that support safe, durable mass timber buildings.

3. Understand how moisture can be managed in mass timber design and construction.

4. Compare risk for different strategies in mass timber design and construction.

RDH Building Science