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Interest in mass timber, and awareness of its advantages, has gained great traction in recent years. But with any new construction technique comes new challenges. For mass timber, a particular concern is moisture protection during construction: there are many examples of floor and roof panels that have been left exposed to wetting, resulting in significant increases in wood moisture content and the potential for slow and limited drying ability depending on the assembly and season.

In this two-part webinar recording from RDH’s Mass Timber Enclosure Symposium – New England Region (November 2021), presenter Graham Finch explores the risks and impact of wetting of mass timber during the design and construction phases. Graham describes the evaluation process and recommendations that can help mitigate these risks. He also outlines a three-step process that demonstrates the interconnectedness of assembly selection, exposure risk assessment, and determination of factory-installed and site protection materials in addition to construction phase moisture management measures.

With the aid of excerpts from a real case study in moisture management planning, Graham demonstrates and reinforces session-focused concepts and strategies to help designers, building owners, and construction professionals solidify the process of moisture management planning and decision-making for mass timber projects. This on-demand course consists of the recorded symposium sessions and a knowledge-testing quiz.

To get the most out of this session, the Learn Building Science team recommends purchasing the companion document: Moisture Risk Management Strategies for Mass Timber Buildings v2. This document is referenced by Graham throughout this session.

This webinar will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular architects, designers, contractors, and developers who are interested in learning about the design and construction of mass timber enclosures.

You’ll Learn About:

1. Evaluating the risk and impact that moisture exposure could have on mass timber floors and roofs.

2. Identifying potential solutions to mitigate the risk of exposing mass timber to moisture during construction.

3. Recommending the best strategy for moisture management during a mass timber project’s design phase based on project-specific conditions.

4. Monitoring moisture management during the construction phases of a mass timber project.

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