• Jonathan Smegal, Associate, Senior Building Science Consultant
    RDH Building Science Inc.

In this session, Jonathan Smegal, RDH Senior Building Science Consultant, presented a 2023 student townhouse case study in London, Ontario. The monitored enclosure retrofit strategies used in this cold-climate, net-zero-ready retrofit project included 5 different insulation manufacturers, different types of insulation and HVAC equipment, and future performance monitoring. The monitoring results and lessons learned can help inform the industry for the impending deep energy retrofit boom to meet national and global energy targets.

You’ll learn how to:

– Define how requirements are determined for meeting net-zero ready criteria for a deep energy retrofit.

– Recognize critical enclosure details for high-performance retrofit enclosures.

– Compare the material properties of different exterior insulation materials.

– Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different heating systems.

The Natural Resources Canada Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) program provided vital support to the Kestrel Court project. LEEP enables builders to reduce their time and risk through innovations that help them build higher performance homes better, faster, and more affordably.


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