• Sarah Gray
    RDH Building Science


Learn the steps needed to develop a retrofit roadmap at both the portfolio and building-specific level. You’ll begin by examining how to define goals that meet both your internal needs and the project’s external requirements. Next, you’ll receive guidance that will help you establish a clear picture of your portfolio’s starting point. Finally, you’ll be able to identify the specific initiatives that will meet your project goals. By examining case studies and using visual tools designed for multiple building types, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the roadmap development process.

This webinar will be of interest to owners and managers of building portfolios who may be seeking guidance on how to prioritize capital renewals; or who are unsure how to embed energy, emissions, and climate resiliency considerations into their planning process to meet fast-evolving policies and codes; or who simply want to learn how to protect their assets in a changing climate. This includes private and institutional owners.

You’ll Learn About:

1. Understand how to set goals that align with both internal objectives and external requirements.

2. Identify the starting point for your buildings and how to prioritize them at the portfolio level.

3. Recognize how a “like-for-like” approach may no longer be valid and how you can customize your capital planning measures to accommodate climate adaptation and upcoming code changes.

4. Visualize the outcomes of your roadmap planning process.

RDH Building Science