Energy Simulation

We can help with early-stage analysis, whole-building energy modeling, and energy code compliance.

Early-Stage Modeling

Our early-stage energy analysis occurs at the pre-schematic stage of design where we talk to you about:

  • The overall enclosure R-value.
  • Building massing and orientation.
  • Basic assembly and fenestration arrangements and details.

Our services for this optimization role can be handled as a small consulting package independent of any possible role as an energy modeler or building enclosure consultant at the schematic design (SD), design development (DD), construction documents (CD), and construction stages.

Whole-Building Energy Modeling

Whole-building energy modeling during DD, CD, and construction is a natural transition from the early-stage analysis we can provide for your project. This continues to optimize the building enclosure for energy performance while considering other building performance parameters such as the mechanical and electrical systems.

Building Energy Code Compliance

As local jurisdictions and municipalities increase their energy efficiency requirements, we can help provide an understanding of how to get projects to be code compliant, particularly with respect to the building enclosure.

This can include:

  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliance to BCBC, City of Vancouver, or other code requirements.
  • Thermal analysis, including R-value calculations for all building details.
  • Assistance completing submission documentation where required by jurisdictions.

See our Case Study on how RDH helped the The Sovereign, a luxury boutique, meet their ambitious energy goals to be compliant with ASHRAE 90.1.

Are you hoping to achieve high energy goals for your new building? Contact us today.