The Pinnacle is an L-shaped mixed-use structure located in the lively Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. The robust masonry structure, built in 2005, consists of a 14-story high-rise wing connected to a seven-story low-rise wing that together contain 176 condominium units. The complex includes commercial space on the ground floor with a few live-work units, underground parking, and an eco roof on the lower-level pavilion that was one of the first to be constructed in Portland.

In 2009, we completed a condition assessment and a reserve study to help Owners Association (OA) prioritize spending for renewal work on the complex. In 2018, we undertook a rehabilitation program for the building enclosure that focused on brick inspection and repair, sealant inspection and replacement, and balcony coatings. As part of this program, we prepared specifications and bid documents and performed field review.

The rehabilitation project had a simple goal: to restore a state of health to the structure without exceeding the OA’s budget. The biggest challenge proved to be accessing the building façade in a cost-effective manner. Our team was able to implement an exterior maintenance and repair program, even on the upper floors of the high-rise, that kept the project within budget. We inspected the brick for cracks and conducted some repairs, including caulking and repainting, recoating the balcony decks, and painting the railings.

The structure had some windows that had developed stress cracks, so we took apart the frames and investigated their structure to determine the cause of the cracking. This information allowed us to assess the remaining service life of the windows. We also documented the number of cracked window frames and implemented a mitigation plan using a sealant bandage to prevent water leaks through the cracked frames to extend the service life of the windows.

We worked closely with the OA board to identify the building’s rehabilitation needs and plan for future enclosure replacements. We also updated the reserve study to help the OA prioritize the work within their budget.


June 10, 2020


Pinnacle Homeowners Association

Property Manager:

Kin Living Property Management

Our Role:

Building Enclosure Consultant

Key Services

Building Enclosure Condition Assessments and Investigations
Maintenance and Planning
Renewal and Rehabilitation

A building enclosure condition assessment (BECA) and investigation may be required when an enclosure is suspected of having a problem, such as a leak. A BECA report describes either the current condition of the overall enclosure or specific components, such as windows or a balcony, and aims to identify problems or potential problems. If we detect failures, we will recommend the next steps that may lead to repairs or a renewal.

Our team will review the original building drawings, carry out an owner survey, and then spend time onsite visually reviewing various components of the building enclosure. In addition, we will make exploratory openings to assess the condition of hidden components. Our team may use a range of testing and special analysis techniques, such as thermography. We provide a written report of our findings and recommendations and present them at meetings with the owner group.

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Principal, Building Science Specialist
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